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For the first timethe first six explosive novels in Lee Child’s #1 New YorkTimes bestselling Jack Reacher seriesnow together in one e-bookpackage! He never looks for trouble… But trouble never stops looking for him. KILLING FLOOR Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher isn’t in the small town of Margrave, Georgiafor less than an hour before he’s arrested for murder. Not much of a welcome. AllReacher knows is that he didn’t kill anybody. At least not lately. But he doesn’tstand a chance of convincing anyone. Not a chance in hell… DIE TRYING When a woman is kidnapped off a Chicago street in broad daylight, JackReacher is unlucky enough to be taken with her. They’re at the mercy of a groupof men demanding an impossible ransom. Because Reacher’s femalecompanion is worth more than he imagines. Now he has to save them bothfrom the inside outor die trying TRIPWIRE Reacher’s anonymity in Florida is shattered by an investigator who’s looking forhim. But soon after his arrival, the man is murdered. Retracing the PI’s trail backto New York, Reacher wants to find out who was looking for himand why. Buthe never expected the reasons to be so personal…or lethal. RUNNING BLIND Across the country, women are being murdered, victims of a disciplined andclever killer who leaves no evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, andno apparent motive. They are truly perfect crimes. In fact, there’s only one thingthat links the victims…Jack Reacher.ECHO RUNNING Thumbing across the scorched Texas desert, Jack Reacher has nowhere to goand all the time in the world to get there. Cruising the same stretch of two-laneblacktop is Carmen Greer. For Reacher, a lift comes with a hitch. Carmen’s got awild storyabout her husband, her family, and a hometown that’s pure gothic.She’s also got a plan for all of them. And now Reacher’s part of it… WITHOUT FAIL Skilled, cautious, and anonymous, Jack Reacher is perfect for the job:assassinate the vice president of the United States. In theory, that is. A femaleSecret Service agent wants Reacher to find the holes in her system, and fastbecause a covert group already has the vice president in their sights. Andthey’ve planned for everything…except for Reacher.

Lee Child's Jack Reacher Books 1-6

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